Günter Gläser

My roots are in a family of craftsmen in the third generation. Like my father and my both brothers I learned the occupation of plumber. Than I have gone to a collage of technology and became an engineer for heating and health engineering with age of 20. This profession I followed  for 50 years, at first in industrial enterprices, than in science and research and finally as an independent.

Already when I was young, I used my leisure time to pursue in arts and crafts at building constructions – predominatelly in copper and steel - , at first using my fa-thers workshop and later, among other things, with the help of Professor Rudolf Sitte in Dresden. 
In 1972 I had my first contacts with paintings of enamel on copper.
Since that time I am fascinated in the art of enamel, with its unique intensity of col-ours, its interesting effects of lights and its close relationship to the metal-craftsmanship. 
After finishing my professional career I followed my lifetime desire to create my own artistic works in that field, and I bought my first bigger furnace for smelting enamels.
After that I have learned a lot auto-didactically, and much more from my painting-friends and colleagues. But my best adviser is my wife Karin, who herself works artistically with soapstone, and I am very grateful to her.